About PlumCooks

Welcome to PlumCooks! I’m Madeleine, this is my baking blog to post and share all the food I love to make, eat and share. So, here’s a little bit about me.

I’ve been told repeatedly that I should make a blog and share the food I make. So I’ve finally taken the step and made Plumcooks for sharing my favourite foods and bakes with you.
I’ve always loved to cook, especially baking, and will now share these recipes with everyone who also has a love for cooking and especially eating.
This blog will be a delicious mix of sweet and savoury food, but don’t be surprised if it’s all cakes, bakes and brunch recipes.
I was born and raised in Australia, down by the beach. For us, summer is all about fresh fruits, and barbecues with a cold beer or gin and tonic. All things I love to eat and drink and use for cooking.
Now I’m living in Switzerland and travelling through Europe. My love of cheese and chocolate grew more than I thought it even could.
Travelling and visiting different countries definitely inspired me to cook even more and experiment with different foods and flavours.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy it!